new honda revo 110dx

New Honda Revo Absolute DX 110 in the assembly process in the factories of Jakarta. Price is still the same motor with the previous DX Revo ie USD 13.815 million on the road in Jakarta. (Honda).honda new absolute revo dx 110
Revo in the final inspection. Other changes seen in the vibration damper on the handlebars that are now appearing with chrome color gives the impression of luxury. Similarly at the rear grip now comes with new, more modern design. (Honda)new striping color honda new revo dx 110

Revo center AHM assembled at the factory. Revo new DX have a new body color striping, gold color on the front disc brake calipers, and red accents on the rear suspension spiral.
final inspection honda revo dx 110
Revo duck DX front view changed completely after the cover of the front body and wing sections (leg shield) are designed with sharp character lines and aggressive. In addition, other changes were also seen with the presence of water intake and fin aerodynamic reliefs on the cover of the front body.
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